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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 16, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thursday september 16th top stories that were falling on the kron 4 morning news about the newsletter concord one version has been injured and an officer and raw sewage shooting your life. >> residents and sandron are trying to rebound officials are warning of some motor trend is saddam. plusses been 78 days since california has had a budget in place. we will study how much longer and tell but this past. >> a live shot from menace. cannot see too much fraud, but it is far again it will be warmer. >> not quite as much fraud is still see a big compared to yesterday not quite as
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widespread it should burn off pretty quiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiud into the afternoon today is one of the warmest day is back up and the '80s we do have a chance of rain. a little but a pocket red around the golden gate bridge, oakland. very different picture stilly upper 50s. chile still and sarah said, also sees the fairfield, concord. the warmer spot coming in right around 84, 83 lost daughters. even oakland is getting up to 71 degrees. storer is dropping in bringing in some spring goes mainly for the north bay but expect that to spread southward
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into sunday we could hire some showers and even some. a few sprinkles certainly not a washer. a couple of raindrops in your forecasts. a little bit oracle done is to head towards your weekend. check and a commune with george. >> holding for about arrived at the bay bridge and early-morning stall and slow activation really stand up the commuter train now there are no problems no rooms recorder cross and a much better start here now looking at any other hot spots your ride on highway 101. but the of the san mateo bridge as smith commute in the westbound direction i will be a heavy are ready for the westbound driver to the right side of your screen. golden gate, 101
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southbound from free and marin county and across the span. no delays here. a quick check of the ride on interstate 80 this is the ride do the best turf the traffic is not too congested and has not built up yet. we sure did arrive coming from the golden gate bridge for me the toll plaza, there were problems earlier this morning on the cross server st. richard san which runs from the end of droll drive out towards long barred. there was an overturned an accident it did block lanes and no locker the rate is completely open. following a developing story one person has been injured in concord. here's a location it happened just before to 30 this morning when officers attempted to stop a at the corner of the street the suspects attended all kron4 at
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some point police say he drove a weapon that's officer shot, wounded him he's been taken to hospital we are waiting for an update on his condition to get to more news faster we turn to sissel live on the scene jackie press conference just wrapped up what is the new information. they contacted the suspect because they thought he fit thet that is what is up to them to stop this individual this is at the corner of clayton and ashbury. such areas still closed down as investigators continue to climb over the evidence. in fact that is the surest band rate in front of us so we are other agencies involved as you said are around 230 this morning they contacted this individual at that point he took off at some point during the pursuit he produced a weapon that is when the officers fired
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he was taken to local hospital condition is unknown obviously as details come in will pass them on to you. is there any confirmation from police that this was a suspect? >> we have no confirmation on that and whether not this is a suspect that is action the suspects that they wanted. but obviously it's and is again identification will pass along. >> thank you. the of the big story that we're following of course slate is for the gas line explosion today marks one week since this last happened. and now scams are a big concern for people have been arrested for trying to scam aid workers. the force of their driver's license applications in which they falsely said they lived in the burned area of for them bart on suspicion of burglary, perjury and submitting false or forged documents to a government agency. records show that pg&e
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was supposed to replace a portion of that gas line ruptured three years ago to their workers for nearly $5 million to replace a section of that pipeline in south san francisco the work was ever done. critics speculate that if the replacement had been made flaws' along the line in san bruno might have been discovered. kron4 is will tran is in san bruno with the very latest on what officials are doing to run scams purists >> there are those who want help and then there are those who simply of those who want to help themselves so the victims of fire during this time of stress and pain it is hard for them to tell who is new. that was it 10:00 this morning there will be a news conference right here of city hall attended by prosecutors and the chief of police there will tell people what to look out for reportedly so far police have arrested two people posing as utility workers to gain access to the neighbor heard and for now it is considered a crime scene and only available to investigators
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as well as true homeowners. san bruno, will trent, kron4 news. meantime governor sorts near got his first in person look at the destruction caused by that gas line the government and federal, state officials yesterday to toward the neighborhood. it was destroyed by the blast. he praised for its and responders and assured the public that the ongoing investigation will be thorough. >> you know there is no hiding a reformation i can guarantee you that. i will get the reports and i am on this because they're a big believer not so much in 40 figures but the only way we can learn from things that happen from states the been made is by looking into it and a bulging and honestly and in making the changes so that it doesn't happen again. >> when the explosion happened last week the governor was on a week-long trade mission in asia he's as they spoke to president barack obama by telephone after
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the blast and requested a federal disaster assistance. >> stay lawmakers have now set a record for the logs. of time without a budget plan. the state is now been without a budget for two and a half months 78 days top legislative officials suggest the outcome need not be resolved untiler the november elections. democrats and republicans remain in a standoff on whether new taxes or spending cuts are needed to trent close california's $19 billion budget deficit. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about.
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83 in fairfield warm spot in the not getting to 84 '70s around the bay, 60s along the coast. the weekend we will notice the changes out there a storm from our north expected in our area. it could bring showers starting off the north bay on your saturday. best chance of showers on saturdays and north bay then by sunday at 2:00 p.m. seeing rain through the golden gate and the east bay as well could say
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down to the south bay as well. we are talking about a few raindrops not a washout. something to keep in mind changes for the weekend include cooler temperatures as well. vacuum. >> a look at your ride checking traffic on 80 through albany you can see volume is building in the westbound direction but it still looks smooth free ride heading down towards the lower the short freeway we don't have any hot spots are in slow spots. a bridge check the westbound of the toll plaza still light and yesterday at this time we had a report of the stall the meter and lights have already been activated that's why you had one of the slowest commutes in the early morning hours then that we have had in some time. the commute to the san mateo bridge and the right here the volume which was very heavy at the top of the hour has than that for
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the west ride toward foster city. golden gate bridge still looks good no problems and again will there have been and over german accident leading onto the oil drive that is no longer there and the lanes have been reopened.the ride through san francisco and a checkv2lú3 of e freeways in down from central freeway still lay and southbound 101 traffic8r4se8mhppr,jsú from downtown san francisco nosú problems at all. public transit still enjoying a good ride no delays or barred ace train or caltrans 580 ride which we thought we would showú#hñ0á!l;zu
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could spend 85% of their
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welfare on red. so according to them only 2100 are in permanent housing. if we had that many we would be the first to jump up and down and kissed them and thank them and think it was wonderful in it would see a noticeable difference. >> we contact the families and make sure there's a safe place to go then we pay for food and a bus ticket for them to get home. >> both the coalition this city is moving in that right direction there is much more work that needs to be done. >> we will be back with more moment. a programming l 4 tonight nbc will air the giants game so we will be hearing nbc programming on kron 4. season premiere of the apprentice at 8:00 p.m., then kron 4 at
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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cannon that make women face questioning during install online review site at yelp. one of the topics discussed is that she is a record holder she spent more of her own money in the history of america and campaigning. should we ask her about that on a one-on-one interview. >> i've been running for 18 months. i had a contested primary up against somebody who was backed so it is expensive but i feel great about where we are. californians are smart you cannot buy elections californians are to smart for that. in you can buy candidate said and i believe jerry brown has been bought and paid for by unions. i think it's an advantage.
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>> besides the campaign spending question they bombarded her about her stance about the marriage and negative ads. >> slow this fire the current fire it charred more than 6,000 a. and it has destroyed one home. it is 50 percent contained right now when they expect full containment on sunday. 200 homes lost electricity because of burned power poles but they hope to have service restored today. michael jackson's mother filed a lawsuit against aig life. they failed to provide the doctor with lifesaving equipment before the comeback tour. dr. conrad jury was seated not guilty was hired to be paid by 8 e.g. as jackson's personal care giver.
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the lawsuit alleges the company is liable for conrads actions despite the fact jackson died before he actually signed a contract. >> we will be back in two minutes.
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when it comes to veterans, no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney. when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad.
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29 is it time the new york stock exchange they're ringing of the opening bell is under way. futures not so hot in pre- market trading. we have jobless claims it fell to four under and 50,000 and that maybe what has turned the markets around. beginning trading not nearly as often as we expected. it is only down 5.3 now. pre-market trading it was down quite a bit. maybe we can get into a rally mode like we did at the end of the day yesterday. >> 6:30 a.m. out of these bay
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one person has been injured in an officer involved shooting in concord zooming in to the area where this happened. it was 2:30 a.m. officers attempted to stop and not suspect suspect took off on foot at some point during the chase police say he took out a walk-in that's when officers opened fire. they shot and wounded him he is and hospital in walnut creek we do not know his condition. we will go to jackie cecil was live on the scene. >> ashbury is still blocked off this is where it all began about 2:30 a.m. apparently the suspect they were attempting to stop they thought he was a suspect wanted on it robbery charge that's what prompted the stock. the street is still down ashbury collecting evidence tried to determine what exactly
6:32 am
happened. officer said after the pursued the attempted stop the suspect produced a handgun. we are being told the suspect was being taken to a local hospital on known condition. >> do they know how long they will be out here investigating? >> any time they have been the best shooting it takes several hours. sure investigative man showed up here in our go so obviously multiple agencies are bald.involved. >> very whether chance of showers for the parts of the bay area this weekend. >> a different weather picture today and nicer weather picture. temperatures warming up now much in the way of fog but as you
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mentioned that will not last. the weekend will see changes a clear shot of the bay bridge approach again not widespread like we saw yesterday with the fog just contained to the golden gate bridge. the warmer temperatures in the afternoon and changes for the weekend. a look aside right now pockets of fog sitting along the peninsula. really not too bad this morning as we head into the afternoon plenteous sunshine out their temperatures in the '50s for san francisco's '60s through hayward and oakland. into the afternoon we could make it up into the 80s warming up to 83 4/5 via fairfield, down into richmond and san rafael in the '70s. oakland to redwood city is '70s, '60s around the coast and '80s further south. here is the path of the storm possibly showers by saturday the bulk of
6:34 am
the system staying to the north of us we could see some light rain moving into our area saturday and even sunday as well. sunday bring is a chance of rain for the peninsula and down into the south bay evenly spacing sprinkles as well. 7 day around the bay bringing changes by the weekend including increasing cloud cover showers and cooler temperatures. >> we are looking at a much better start for the commute today than yesterday around the bay area we don't have much in a way of slow traffic we don't have any hot spots. starting off with the bridge check at the bay bridge where the back up because the meter and light are activated at 624, it is already starting to grow. if the metering lights are cycled slowly enough even without any problems on the bridge to can create an artificial back up but the toll plaza. sadly it looks like a pretty good start to that here. san mateo bridge no such
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condition traffic moving well. a minor weight at the toll plaza. the golden gate bridge no way that all for you commute to the toll plaza at of marin looks good across the span the southbound 101 ride through marin county is clear from 37 all the way down to sir francis boulevard. looking in the south bay san jose. it is that the off ramp traffic conditions are light for the north bound ride that will be theesttt direction when the committee gets into full swing this morning. san jose 1 01 northbound out of the coyote valley no delays the traffic is getting more congested. to lady out towards the west valley from downtown san jose still looks good no problems or delays there. >> 1 weeks since the deadly gas
6:36 am
explosion. scams are a big concern. they will close soon a news conference about scams. the importance about hiring contracts are jurors. for people have been are arrested for trying this again aid. they falsely state stated they lived in the burned out area. they have all been arrested. meanwhile records show pg&e was supposed to replace a portion of the gas line ruptured three years ago. the utility was approved for $5 million to replace the pipeline but the work was never done. they speculate if the replacement would have been replaced the flaws would of been noticed. >> estimates there and the overall estimate is $30 million in damage to homes property and infrastructure. the breakdown
6:37 am
showsssssssssssss 31 million ind private property destroyed. 6.6 6 million in public interest structure. these costs do not include the cost of fire and rescue efforts. 37 homes were destroyed many others suffered damage pg&e has pledged $100 million to help residents in the city. >> so residents whose home destroyed were allowed to return home to see the properties. they spend a few hours just day looking for fair and family heirlooms and other belongings they to sell bridge. they had to wear white jumpsuits and asked. >> stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the sambar no gas line explosion. coverage continues on line on our website. >> we will be back with more of
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a couple of minutes a because san jose to see how traffic is doing. living at the speed limit there. the shot after the. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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[ woman ] nice tights. what's your story? welcome back we have fog out there but not as much as yesterday you can see on our shot here it is currently 57 degrees looking at a high of 67 later. >> the rate of illegal drug use grew to thehest law will in nearly a decade. a sharp increase in marijuana use. cocaine abuse continues to decline. >> bad news for the demococococs encouraging signs for
6:42 am
republicans 45 percent oppose a tax hikes for the rich, and 46% one gop to steer the economy, most think congress is doing a bad job. >> live look for mount tam this morning a nice looking morning this morning fog clearing out waiting for the sun to come out.
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a quick look at toptoriesthis hn an officer involved shooting in concord it happened at 230 this morning when they attempted to stop a suspect. he had been taken to the hospital the suspect the condition unknown at this time. >> a news conference at 10:00 a.m. to warn people about post
6:46 am
disaster scams. and tips for getting through the rebuilding process. for people have been arrested for posing as victims.. ever they have gone without approving the state budget 78 days democrats and republicans i have a standoff whether new taxes or spending cuts that are needed. theo come may be resolved story may not be resolved until after the november elections. >> 6:46 a.m. and ice forecast today not much in no way of fog you can see a clear shot over mt. tam this morning the sun rises and it brings us warmer temperatures today as well. currently in san francisco 57 mid-60s by noontim high today of about 67. elsewhere in the
6:47 am
'60s in places like oakland and hayward still kinda gillian said rosa napa holding on to the '40's and mid-50s down to the south bay. this afternoon bringing us '80s for santa rosa and napa, same goes for concord we are going to warming up to 84 today in antioch, keeping it in the '70s around the bay 76 for redwood city. the we can bring in as big changes on friday are storm to the north is going to start moving south by saturday it could bring to sprinkles to our area best chance for sprinkles for the north bay. said rose said getting a few raindrops on sunday morning it dipped south toward bringing showers to the east bay and the peninsula by a day and we could see some raindrops in the south bay as well. everybody has a chance of rain for this weekend it will bring the school
6:48 am
temperatures and imports increased cloud cover. things change next week temperature's rebound and we drive up dry up. >> interstate 80 on the westbound direction about we have our eye on what's happening in pan where an accident has just been reported by chp if in fact it is blocking the second lane from the left it is stays there it will be a hot spot. so far no back up or delay but we will watch that. a bridge check on the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights were activated early but there's no incident on the bridge. a good barometer here is the 880 approach. as long as it's only backed up on the ramp in means you're not looking at too bad ever ride. at the toll plaza flats we are backed up to the 880 over crossing. san mateo bridge ride
6:49 am
the big slot the toll plaza 92 looks good starting to see slowing around 92 southbound on the nimitz freeway. through marin county and the golden gate bridge no delays 41 01 southbound is a good ride from 37 08 to the toll plaza. traffic getting across the golden gate with no problems or delays. the rest of the right on highway 101 still looks good from 92 all the way down to redwood city. >> cable car system is getting an upgrade unique public works over place underground components and then do repaving. the first phase begins today and starts between the nest and rum. the second phase in january and it will require a six month shutdown of the line they will have shuttle buses. it
6:50 am
will cost $24 million. >> the go-ahead for five story shopping center on market street this is what it would look like. between fifth and sixth street is an important part of reviving the area. the center is being billed in hopes of attracting retailers. construction is set to begin next year. plans to expand all wal-mart store is heading to court after to bar mental groups sued to block the expansion. they file a lawsuit saying they violated the general plan when they approved wal- mart's plan to expand an existing store into a super center. it challenges the project's environmental impact report. >> there could be dangerous surf this weekend potential deadly weapon current could be
6:51 am
turning up the waves are kicking up along the east coast right behind igor is julia is in the atlantic igor may slam into bermuda sunday. >> carl has pushed it crossed mexico. it brought winds up to 65 mi. an hour lashing beach with rent wind and rain. it will gain strength again as it crosses over into the gulf of mexico today. >> national cemetery has discovered three people buried in the wrong grapes. the army says officials open three burial sites and found remain real officials say that up to 6600 graves might be on mark or
6:52 am
mislabeled on cemetery >> maps> a programming note to tell you about tonight the giants' game will be on nbc so programming will be right here on kron 4 at 8:00 p.m. season premiere of the apprentice followed by a special edition of kron 410. speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep.
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remarking but the export council. >> we have been marketed to increase competitiveness and a global economy. after all one of the reasons we got into the mess we have been and over the next couple years is because we grew complacent. we allowed prosperity to be based on
6:56 am
consumption and risky and artificial game. we spend too much, which save too little, we allowed our economy to become bloated with debt. we failed to harness the talents and skills of the american people. we put off investments in technology and innovation that are critical to help business compete in the 21st century. that is not a path we can continue. that's why we are trying to read verst those trends. we are upgrading infrastructure for tomorrow. we are investing in research and development and clean energy projects that will strengthen global leadership we are making college more affordable and investing in the skills and education of our people. later today i will meet with ceos of biggest companies who have
6:57 am
joined together to make sure we are preparing all our students today with the science, technology and math skills they need for high tech jobs. ursula is participating in that and she is almost over as over exposed as me today. the best way we know to compete in the global marketplace is by doing what we do best harnessing talents and ingenuity of people to lead the world. where bill the economy or businesses and american workers once again to what they do best. they built great products and sell them around the world. we were talking before we came and one of the things i think is so critical is to realign the interests of business and workers in america so everybody is fighting on the same side. >> president barack obama
6:58 am
talking about the need to increase exports. and the need to increase education in science and mathematics. we will be right back.
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